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iONs create unique trade related EXHIBITS that are cost effective, modular and trend forward to meet the needs of every individual company. Our MANAGEMENT, PRODUCTION and DESIGN team work closely with clients to develop intriguing environments that showcase products and brands in the most intensifying way possible.

We are known for revitalizing the stagnant tradeshow industry through iONs dual action of structural design and esthetic twists, making every tradeshow experience a memorable one.

iONs trade show services include design, floor layout, registration services and format, sponsorship, show contractor management, video services, social media market development, E-commerce ticket sales development, volunteer program development and management, exhibitor relations, show vendor management, rental needs, labor and labor management, sales direction and leadership development.



iONs are all about pushing the envelope when it comes to EVENTS.  We pride ourselves in using cutting edge designs that are customarily formatted to your audience, causing positive feedback and ultimately creating brand awareness and popularity.

Our company ignites imagination through EVENT SERVICES such as venue selection and management, furniture and staging rentals, backend ticket sales, setup and management, social media market development, event management, volunteer program creation. catering management, vendor management, video production and client relations.



With our keen eye for design and up-to-date technology, iON Creative Inc. is an easy choice to develop your companies new store concept.

Whether your current design needs a fresh perspective or your concept needs revitalizing, the iON team has the answer.

iON DESIGNERS start with organic hand drawn concepts and through virtual models, close collaboration with your in-house team and many meetings, iON will grasp the essence of your vision and produce cutting edge environments that lure customers into your store.

iONs STORE CREATION SERVICES consist of store design / 3d modeling, architectural plans, material design and creation, floor plan, fixture design and production, project management, labor, permitting, social media (marketing with regards to grand opening of locations) and SCO.



iON Creative Inc. provides skilled carpenters, welders, sculptors, engineers and motion technologists to create complex metal work using modeling based programs that allow clients to scale assembly before construction occurs.

iONs utilize Sketchup with Layout, Adobe illustrator and Photoshop, Cinema 4d, Maya, Vector Works, CAD design program, Rhino, 3d and 3d printing for STORE FIXTURE designs.



iON Creative Inc. takes pride in creating high quality videos with innovative content that are filmed, edited and delivered in a short amount of time with any given budget.

Research is conducted to determine the likes and dislikes of your companies target audience. Through different analysis, strategies are developed for video campaigns to increase brand awareness.

We work very closely with our clients to determine the exact style, meaning and message they wish to convey through film. Even in the most unforgiving environments, iONs will utilize eccentric tactics to achieve the “perfect shot”.

We dominate because of our extremely professional and creative team of scriptwriters, storyboards artists and motion graphic artists who are devoted in combining client vision with iON design.

iON Creative Inc. is known for inventive areal film tactics of mass areas using a two person remote controlled micro scaled helicopter video camera, where one person controls the helicopter and the other controls the camera and gimbal --No shot is impossible for iONs team of crazy-scientists.

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